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7 Steps to Take Back Your Life and Prosper
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About The Author Barbara Samuels RN, MSN

Barbara Samuels is an international speaker, transformational wellness coach, CEO, and life strategist. She operates a successful lifestyle coaching company that empowers individuals to take control of their health and reverse type 2 diabetes, using the body’s own natural healing capabilities.

Barbara has over 27 years’ experience working in the field of nursing as a registered nurse. Her experience in this field spanned on two continents. She has worked in England, Jamaica, and United states.
 During her time as a nurse, she was deeply grieved as she witnessed the pain/suffering and untimely death of her patients.

She knew there must be more that she could do. She wanted to have greater impact, and so she decided to become actively engaged in improving the health of others through education and wellness coaching. She left the hospital setting and has been making major impact in helping to restore the lives of individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Barbara is a mother of 3 children and wife to Robert Samuels, her greatest supporter. She is passionate about spreading the gospel of Jesus to everyone she meets.

Barbara’s mission is to help others live and experience the abundant life that they were created to have, enjoying all the blessings that God has for them.
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